Trang chủ Introduction Organizational scale



Research and development is one of Dien Quang’s strengths. Research and development center of Dien Quang is equipped by modern equipment, meet the international. More than 150 young experts and engineers are creative and quickly grasp new technology and modern needs.

Pioneering in innovation- Nonstop Creation.
– Focusing on research and development of products and services with technological
– Improving existing product lines to optimize quality, consumer experience.

In the science and technology development context, In order to quickly update and apply modern advanced technologies, as well as diversify products and services, DQ’s research and development activities has closely linked with domestic and outbound technology partners, institute, scientific research center and university.


Not outside the technology revolution 4.0, Dien Quang has made a strong and pioneering move in the digital trend through the construction, application and technology solutions to bring production efficiency business as well as new experience for customers, strong growth in the digital world.

Comprehensive development – Reaching out the world
– Focusing on investing in research and development of products / solutions / services on IoT platform, Big Data, …
– Mastering technology, production lines, applications Using high technology in production to ensure the quality of input and output of products, owning many production technologies, the world’s most modern production lines are imported directly from Europe, Japan, …
– Applying technology in the management system, establishing a professional and creative working environment.
– Increasing investment in technology experts, building a sustainable technology ecosystem.
– Cooperate with leading corporations and technology companies in the world such as Amazon Web Services, Walcomm, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, FPT, …

Test system

Dien Quang invests heavily in the laboratory system with the aim of providing products and solutions according to the following criteria: Comfort – Safety – Beauty. In addition, Dien Quang Testing Department provides professional testing services according to quality policies: “ACCURATE – CUSTOMER – TIMELY – RELIABLE”

Dien Quang Laboratory also cooperates with Center 3 – Vietnam’s largest testing center.

Functions – tasks:

– Researching and developing the application of technology in the field of quality testing of lighting products and smart electrical equipment.
– Testing and measuring the features and safety of electrical and lighting equipment; certification for standard lighting products and electrical equipment.
– Coordinate to implement tasks, programs and research topics in the field of lighting.
– Cooperate with domestic and foreign agencies and organizations to provide testing services in accordance with the law.
– Participate in drafting national standards, developing national technical drafts and other related documents.

Some important devices:

– Goniophotometer room: building a distribution chart of the luminous intensity of lighting equipment, serving the research of new design and product improvement; At the same time, it provides full optical data of lighting equipment in the form of a soft file to help engineers easily calculate lighting design for all construction, industrial, street, urban and sports projects. …
– EMC testing room for electromagnetic compatibility testing of products
– Integral sphere system, LED chip foot temperature meter … control light quality of optical parameters and optoelectronic parameters
– Environmental cabinets: Quality control of products when operating in different environments: environment with high humidity, environment with high temperature, low temperature environment, environment and pedal, vibration , lightning impulse, rain …
– Special equipment simulating the actual environment to check the durability of the product through: testing mechanical strength, life expectancy, fire resistance test …

Production / service

As a pioneer in technology with 5 factories with synchronous production lines of international standards, focusing on investment in the field of 4.0. Dien Quang is currently the leading enterprise in Vietnam in the field of lighting, electrical equipment and modern technology solutions:

– LED lamps and smart lighting products: 70 million products / year.
– Traditional products: 80 million products / year.
– Super bright LED chip: 150 million chips / year
– Technology solutions groups 4.0 such as: Dien Quang Apollo intelligent lighting solution, DQHome smart home solution, solution for installing and repairing electric systems Homecare – connecting consumers with electricians, Lightcheck application – brightness checking and lighting advice for consumers.

Distribution network

Dien Quang products and services are distributed throughout 63 provinces and cities nationwide through 5 channels:
1. Traditional sales channel with more than 150 Distributors, 15,000 retail points.
2. Modern consumption channel through the system of electronics centers, supermarkets, bookstores, convenience stores.
3. Direct sales channel for projects and projects.
4. Online sales channel through website, e-commerce sites, social networks.
5. The chain of genuine stores system provides products and advice on lighting design.