Green Business

Facing the trend of globalization and deep integration, as well as preventing and minimizing the negative impacts of climate change; Vietnam in general and Vietnam’s enterprises cannot stay out of the world’s current concerns for sustainable development in the long term. Be aware of the meaning, importance and great benefits from participating in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations, the Government and many Vietnam’s enterprises have actively and promptly responded, timely built specific goals, strategies and action plans in line with the general trend of the world in the new situation

With the role and mission of creating products and services that bring comfort, safety and aesthetics, contributing to improving the quality of life of people and society, Dien Quang determines that building the production and business strategies associated with the sustainable development goals of Vietnam and the world will help Dien Quang develop sustainably, develop deeper and wider, thereby contributing to the common interests of Vietnam country and people, the interests of customers – shareholders and employees in accordance with the spirit of Dien Quang’s unique cultural identity.

This is also the responsibility and obligation of enterprises to the people and society, is the goal that Dien Quang commits to build and implement business strategies that are always associated with environmental protection activities, perform the energy labeling for products in a good manner according to the State’s regulations.

Dien Quang is the first and only unit in the lighting industry to be granted the Vietnam Green Label by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, an environmentally friendly product for LED products under Dien Quang brand.