Dien Quang is oriented to become a multinational corporation specialize in lighting industry and electric equipment


Dien Quang’s mission is creating products and services that offer its customers convenience, safety and beauty, thus enhancing the life quality of the people and society.

Core Value

Determining that human resource is the most crucial asset that influent all successes, all members of Dien Quang family are trained to obtain all of its core values: Creativity – Generosity – Responsibility. Dien Quang employees are encourage to be bold to make a difference, they are working in a professional environment in order to develop their talents and become exemplary citizens with sophisticated behaviors.

Creativity Dien Quang always encourages and supports every member who dares to think differently for the prosperous and sustainable development of the Company.

Generosity  Dien Quang considers generosity to be the foundation for promoting creativity and collective intelligence.

Responsibility Dien Quang always act in its three owners’ best interest with the highest level of responsibility: customers, shareholders and employees.

Video about corporate culture