Located in Saigon High-Tech Park, Dien Quang Hi-Tech Company Limited (referred to as DQH),
with a construction floor area of ​​more than 40,000m2 and investment capital of nearly VND 600 billion, is considered the largest company in the lighting and technology solutions industry.

Its development orientation is to become a multinational technology corporation specializing in the field of lighting and electrical equipment. In 2019, Dien Quang completed the construction and put into operation modern and highly automated lines, machinery and equipment imported from advanced countries such as Japan and Germany to serve activities of research, development, testing and production. With total production capacity of 140 million products per year, Dien Quang fully masters LED chip manufacturing technology, thereby making the production chain become closed from input materials to finished products to the market.

  • investment items include:
  • The Office Division is designed with an open and friendly space that creates a dynamic and modern environment to maximize creativity for employees; Dien Quang Gallery area is designed to simulate real space to introduce smart lighting and control solutions of most fields; light experience discovery area – Dien Quang Discovery – the first lighting museum in Vietnam that converges the most modern lighting technologies in the world.
  • The Production Division is equipped with modern and synchronous lines, including: LED chip manufacturing workshop on a fully automatic line of ASM Germany, dust control in clean room according to CLASS 10.000 standard; SMT workshop with 8 modern lines of Panasonic, Japanese Yamaha brands, the workshop is also equipped with X-ray machines to check the quality of semi-finished products and errors that cannot be seen by the naked eyes; Lamp assembly workshop with 5 automatic lines that can assemble all kinds of lights from small to large.
  • Research and Development Center has an area of ​​over 2,000m2, fully equipped with modern material facilities; with experts and young engineers who are creative, quick to grasp new technologies and modern consumer trends, create breakthrough ideas and initiatives in the design of Smart and high-tech light products and solutions.
  • The modern laboratory system meeting international standards ISO/IEC 17025 performs the function of measurement – inspection – testing to serve the research, development and control of production quality in the strictest manner. The laboratory is equipped with main systems including: Gonio-photo-meter system for charting, luminous intensity distribution of lighting equipment – Dien Quang is the first unit in the lighting industry to invest in this system.. The EMC system tests the electromagnetic compatibility of the product. Special devices simulate harsh environments to test the durability of products such as: high, low temperature, high humidity, hoarfrost, fire resistance, water resistance, UV aging, etc.

To affirm the pioneering position of “Lighting Expert – Leading Technology”, Dien Quang has transformed itself from a pure product manufacturer to a technology company, providing lighting and smart control solutions. With the desire to constantly apply modern scientific and technological achievements into practice to provide comfort, safety and aesthetics, contributing to improving the quality of life of people and society.