Trang chủ News LED light technology: Golden key for offshore fisherman

LED light technology: Golden key for offshore fisherman

Nowadays, the cost for traditional lighting in offshore fishing (using high-voltage light, wolfram light, halogen light, and florescence light…), fuel counts approximately 50% of total operation cost of each trip, which causes difficulty to the fisherman. In aiming to help fisherman to save the energy and the operation cost, and to save the environment, in Mar 2015, Dien Quang Lamp JSC will introduce a LED light specialized for fishing. This is the result of cooperation between Dien Quang and Hanoi University of Poly Technique.

LED light technology: Golden key for offshore fisherman.

The feature of LED technology is hard lighting (follow semi-conduct technology in electronic manufacture industry), LED light has high performance, high durability and energy saving. Other traditional light such as halogen, florescence light has low performance and consumes double the energy than the LED light does. Moreover, when using traditional light, fisherman has to invest 100 KVA electric generator. And during the fishing activity, the generator will cause some damage to the ship at the starting point and sudden lighting intensity increment point to attract fish. That because the power consumption too high causes overload. Meanwhile, LED light will minimize all risks and it is safety.

LED light specialized for fishing is successfully developed by Dien Quang and Hanoi University of Poly Technique specialists with production lines: First, it is deep water LED light set with capacity of 100-150W (replace high-voltage light 250-400W) which is used to produce long distance light beam to attract fish. The light set is equipped with high capacity LED chip and IP67 standardized fine aluminum cover which is durable over all ocean weather. The second product is LED light tube producing wide and short light beam with five 100W LED light tubes (equal to half of the florescence lighting system), and static electrical painting trough. It is light weight, easy to assemble for fishing industry.

The reduction of lighting cost, safe energy and environment protection… is practical benefits from using LED technology in offshore fishing, it is said to be the golden key for fisherman.