Recently, electronics consumers have heard a lot of information about industry 4.0, and lots of people thought that it’s something far out of reach. But in reality, this 4th industrial revolution has been in every house, and in contacted with everyone through many high tech smart devices, and software applications. 

Indeed, industry 4.0 have brought many optimization utilities to our everyday’s life: Smart Home- where you can fully control your house anywhere, and anytime; Lighting Sytem – where you can control up 16 million colors, intensity depends on the feeling, emotion of the user; Electronic Full Set Solution Services – where connects the service providers, the products provider, and consumers with just one touch on the smartphone, etc. These technologies mentioned above have been introduced by Điện Quang in the technology solutions launching ceremony on Aug 7th, 2018 in HCMC, promising to bring new experiences, changes, and higher standard of living for Viet home.


Why do we say Homecare is simple and effective? Because this is the a service that includes advisory, install, and repair the electric power system, lighting system with just “one touch”. This is just as simple as booking a car from Grab or Uber. Comes from the real demands of safety, convenient in installing, repairing, replacing electronic devices from consumers, Điện Quang has created an ecosystem called “HomeCare”, which connect electronic service providers, products suppliers, and customers. In this eco-system, you can get all the electrical services from HomeCare with just a smartphone ( iOS or Android). For example, when you need to repair electrical system at home, but you don’t know what to do or how to find a qualified technician; your problem will be solved with just one touch. HomeCare app will help to identify your electrical system problem and find the nearest technician that will come to your aid as fast as possible. HomeCare system will provide an appropriate service solution, from the level of technician to products with many different quality that will fit your need.

HomeCare technicians are chosen, trained and certified by Dien Quang; genuine products with competitive price. You can check the total service price, as well as follow the whole process of the service directly on your phone. You can book the service wherever you are, whenever you want, you only need a smartphone that connect to the internet. With all the functions mentioned above, HomeCare is a solution that connect the communities, removing all the problems that the old traditional way of repairing the electrical system had, reduce the time needed to have your problem fixed, and on top of those, you will have the whole complete solution service that is safe, fast, convenient, and transparent. 

DQHOME – Smarthome solution for Viet Home 

DQHome smarthome solution is developed based on the research of Viet living style and the different type of Viet home architectures. This solution was developed by Dien Quang based on mesh network technology. With this technology, each device not only receives signals but also transmits. So, all the devices in the house will connect with each other easily and quickly. This solution is developed for multi-storey buildings in Vietnam, that help to solve the problem of signal interference or cannot be transmitted through the thick concrete walls. 

What could DQHome solution bring to you? You can control your home anywhere, anytime by your smartphone. You are free of mind from electrical appliances on/off status. All the household electrical appliances such as televisions, air conditioners, water pumps, curtains, lighting systems are controlled individually, in groups, or in programmed scenarios. With these functions, DQHome brings you comfortable and safety to your life. With DQHome, your home is in your hand.

Dien Quang Apollo – The Light of Emotion 

If Homecare brings a full set electrical server, and DQHome is just like a smart house-keeper, then Dien Quang Apollo focuses more on the emotional feeling of every person at home. With the most advanced technology Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh Network, Dien Quang Apollo helps you control the color of the light without internet. You can set to control the light bulb as individual one or as a group, in different location in your home as however you want. 

Of course, the effect of each option is different. For those who love lighting colors, this is a very interesting application. Because the software has visual interface, user friendly that is easy to use and the function to adjust the light bulb colors up to more than 16 million colors. Besides that the software also has other interesting features, such as Feng Shui (just enter your age, the Apollo application will advise you the compatible colors for your place); In addition, with the health and psychology lighting features, you have the right choices of lighting colors for your mood and functional space, such as stimulating taste in the eating area, relaxing lighting color in the bedroom. It can be said, with Dien Quang Apollo, the color of light is gradually replacing common elements such as water paint, wallpaper color to increasingly assert the role of light more clearly: is the spirit soul of space.

With the three technology solutions 4.0 mentioned above, which were introduced to the public in the technology solutions launching ceremony, with the mission of improving the standard of living for Viet Home. The event also marked as a turning point for Dien Quang from a lighting product company to a technology solution company. In the event, Mr. Ho Quynh Hung, Chairman and CEO of Dien Quang said, “With the vision to become one of the top technology solution companies in Viet Nam, Dien Quang wants to provide a convenient, a better life experience for people living in Vietnam by using the products that are made in Vietnam. Dien Quang hopes with the three solutions: HomeCare, DQHome, and Dien Quang Apollo, will bring to Viet customers a new experience, utmost convenience and is completely within reach.